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So, I've reserved the ice at The Edge Ice Arena (same as last year) at 3:40pm on Saturday (Nov 19).
It will be between 15-20 dollars a person. I hope to get a few of my teammates from my local rec team to join in to increase the numbers and make for a more exciting scrimmage.

We'd meet at 2:30-2:45pm inside of the revolving door, near the escalators, across from "Starbucks". We'll figure out ride them. We'll probably need 3 cars total to get there. Hopefully, some others can drive.

Any questions, let me know. You can use Twitter at @poomiepuma.
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Consuming extra calories began on Friday night after my hockey game. A few of my teammates and I spent a few hours downing pitchers of beer while chatting. 

To burn off some of those calories, I biked from home, down to the Museum Campus (where the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Planetarium are located), and  then down Lakeshore Trail to Promontory Point which is near the Museum of Science and Industry. After a 10 minute rest there, i biked back up the Lakeshore Trail and stopped at the Lincoln Park Zoo again.

Of coutse, the puma was taking a nap. But this time, it was lying on the ground by the fence. 
To reward for all of this exercising, i consumed more calories with a nice dinner at The Bluebird with Kodi and a beer while watching "Swear Jar", a sketch comedy show at the Annoyance Theater,

Sunday was burning more calories with hockey and trying to fix things in the condo: a toilet, the bathroom lock, and replace the main HD on my desktop. Most of this was successful.

And now?
Just waiting for Wed which is when [ profile] nitropup  visits! :D
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 Just another typical Chicago weekend...

Slush did stop into town and we were able to grab a quick bite and "Longman and Eagle" which is a new gastropub that specializes in  whiskey (specifically bourbon). They even had whisky flights! Dessert was at the new store, the Cookiebar in Lincoln Park. All they have are eclectic and typical cookies, some brownies, and ice cream (to make ice cream sandwiches). 

For Saturday, there was a small gathering and BBQ for Huxley's just past birthday. But I think it turned more into an excuse to play Kings. :P

Sunday was just a day to bike ride and push myself. I hadn't ridden more than 7 miles in a day, but the weather was amazing in Chicago and so I just kept on riding.
  • I rode about 3.5 miles to work and then back. Had a quick breakfast and break
  • Rode 3.5 miles to the zoo and relaxed by the puma cage. It was snoozing (AGAIN) on the top ledge in what looked like an uncomfortable position.
  • Rode 8 miles to the Rogers Park Street festival to visit Woody at his comic book booth. The views along the lake were incredible!
  • Then later rode 7.5 miles back home
So all in all, it was a 25 mile day. Legs are cramping. Butt is sore, but I'm happy. 
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The past weekend began with [ profile] kamberlane  and Leandra visiting my local neighborhood for drinks and foods, along with Perro and Street. They got to try one of the local Mexican joints as well as Hot Chocolate. Seems like everyone wants to try that dessert place.

Saturday was mostly a hockey day. After practice in the early afternoon, the team held a small BBQ in the rink parking lot. After a few hours, the team packed up and had a real game to play. We crushed our opponents 9-0. The night was capped with a Toga party at furball2k's, Evan_li's, and midwestcougar;s place. It was great seeing many of the locals as well as others who traveled to the Chicagoland for the LAFF softball and MFF Picnic. The togas were quite creative.

While Sunday started with another hockey game in the early afternoon (got crushed this time, 9-4), the highlight was watching Inception. It was quite the movie. Probably the best scifi film I've seen since Blade Runner. As better than Nolan's other hit, Memento. 

If you haven't seen it, you better!

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One of gay hockey teammates got inspired to write a new acoustic song with accompanied video. Check it out and share it!

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I hope everyone enjoys the Fourth of July and any days off you may have.

I also hope that  more Americans understand that today is more than just the date a bunch of old white guys approved a letter to tell their boss why they and their underlings were quitting and starting their own enterprise.

It's more than just red-white-and-blue, flags, fireworks, presidents, and patriotism. It's was stating a simple position:

"all men were created equal" and had the right to "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness."

I hope everyone can pursuit their own happiness today and every other day from now on.
Happy 4th.

*Edited which text to bold*
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Finally found someone with this money shot. :D Too bad we never got a chance to drink out of it.
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While many furries were out at Anthrocon in Pittsburgh, I ended up celebrating diversity at the 41st annual Chicago Pride Parde.

Brent Sopel was kind enough to bring the Stanley Cup to our float for the Chicago Gay Hockey Association. It was historic in so many ways.

Thanks, Brent for your time and courage.
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As reported in the Chicago Sun-Times, Brent Sopel (to the right) and the Stanley Cup (thanks to Blackhawks President John McDonough) will be joining the Chicago Gay Hockey Association in the Chicago Pride Parade this weekend!

Sopel is also marching in honor of Brendan Burke, the team manager for the Miami-Ohio hockey team and the son of Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brian Burke who was killed in a car accident two months after coming out publicly on late last year.

Even though, I'm missing AC, being part of this is an acceptable alternative. :)
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In a previous post, my gay hockey team was hoping someone from Chicago Blackhawks organization would show up for the Pride Parade. We weren't too hopeful.

But that little story in the Windy City Times (local LGBT newspaper) caught on a few eyes at the Huffington Post, Out SportsChicago SunTimes, and the Pucky Daddy Blog on Yahoo Sports. 
Most of the comments on those stories were positive. As for the negatives?
  • My team was trying to get free publicity by jumping on the Blackhawks bandwagon
  • Forcing the Blackhawks into an uncomfortable public situation
  • Didn't like gays, in general, and how did it related to hockey or the Stanley Cup.
So the current rumor is that we should have 1 or 2 (maybe more) Blackhawk players with us in the parade. Maybe the organization got a little pressure (or felt more relieved) once they found that the Chicago Cubs will also have a float in this year's pride parade. 

We still don't know if The Stanley Cup is going to make it. Oh well... still hoping...
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This 10th anniversary of the Chelsea Challenge allowed me introduce this great tournament to some fellow hockey fans. 
  • Nitropup played in his tournament and timed game, and did great!
  • Lonewolf was on the Boston Lobsters team with me. We were an average team but lost in the first round of the playoffs.
  • 4 fellow players on my gay hockey team in Chicago (who ended up on other teams because we didn't have enough for our own)
  • Rocket and another friend were goalies for the first time at a tournament.
Overall, a fun but tiring weekend. Thanks go out to Lonewolf for deal with a cramped hotel room and Nitro/me. 
Can't wait for the next tournament.
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(Cross-posted to [ profile] hockeyfurs )

So my local gay hockey team invited the Chicago Blackhawks to the Pride Parade in 2 weeks. 

Anyone think someone from the organization will show up? Geez, we'll even be satisfied if they just send over the Stanley Cup!

At least some of the players are already getting into the act. ;)
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"Fans Celebrate Blackhawks' Stanley Cup Victory...In Very Different Ways"

Slush mentioned seeing a "radio station" at my local rink's bar. It ended up being WBEZ, the NPR station.

About half of my rec team showed up for a game that was rescheduled to start AFTER Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals was over. Unfortunately, it went into overtime and my game couldn't be delayed.

So the the 16 players began their own game but stopped about 10 minutes into it after hearing cheering in the bar and being banging the glass. Most of us (including the refs) skated over to see the replay and celebration. (I'm at the left edge of the photo with my arms in the air.) 

So it was a great night for hockey. The Chicago Blackhawks won, and so did my team, 10-5. :)

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RIP, Rue McClanahan, the original cougar, has died today of a brain hemorrhage. 
  • "Although the Cougar term may be more popular now, Rue McClanahan as Blanche Devereaux asserted her sexuality when it wasn't so chic. Her provocative lines produced hearty laughs from male and female fans, but many older female fans who recognized that sexuality was important for their lives felt vindicated by the character's approaches. Blanche Devereaux walked around like she was just as attractive as a 22-year-old and gave older women the confidence that they needed. " from Jolie du Pre of Yahoo
But on a lighter note, I decided to finally visit the Chicago Food Corporation for the first time. Many will see their sign as they drive north on the Kennedy out of downtown Chicago. The Joong Boo market (not sure why its also called the Chicago Good Corp.) is a Korean grocery with a great selection of meats, seafood, preserved foods, and noodles. I'm just glad that I don't need to head to the Super H-Mart in Niles anymore.So anyone who is looking for cheap but mood korean/azn foods, then definitely head there!

*goes back into bed to get over his cold*
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It was another TYPICAL weekend in Chicago:
  • Obnoxious St. Louis Cardinal fans - Cubs lost 2 out of 3 games
  • Boorish Philly Flyers fans - Hawks won both games
  • The President of the US visiting his old Chicago hangout - messed up air and road traffic
  • A few thousand leather and gear fans at IML (International Mr. Leather)
But what did some of the furries do? We used IML as an excuse to hang out in downtown Chicago and just have fun.
  • Friday - Gearblast, organized by Rocketpup, is a social gathering at IML for fans of all types of gear / dress (from business suits to rubber / leather to sports unitforms to fursuits) - While there was a great turnout in general, 35 furries showed up (me, nitropup, jet, hunter, perro, rex, woody, ryan, vish, fen, metro, fozzi, zoober, dane, huxley, pawnce, leon, cyanwolf, theome, delmir, kale, yelang, basilfox, street, kodi, slush, snickers, tozier, spork, madius, panth, tahoe, seven, the man, novaua)
  • Saturday - The fursuiters (spork, madius, woody, dbruin, arty, jaegerfuchs, tigwolf, theome, rex, and delmir) invaded the big market at IML. Overall, it was mainly positive comments. The few negatives centered around blocking paths in the market and how it wasn't related to leather. We were later joined by Kamberlane and his GF for dinner and later drinks at the Signature Room (95th-96th floors of the John Hancock Tower) where the view of the Chicago at night was incredible. The night ended with drinks and good times.
  • Sunday - Nitropup and I took it easy this day. we made our way to the Lincoln Park zoo (along with a billion other people) to see the animals. Once again, the puma was asleep. We did meet up with some of the furs at the IML hotel for dinner. We later went to the local ice rink where 15 of us scrimmaged for about 1.5 hours which was lots of fun. After showering up, Nitropup and I made it back to the IML for another night of drinks and joking around.
  • Monday - There wasn't enough time for much fun things. After brunch and packing up, Nitropup had to flying back to New York. I met up with a bunch of other local furs for a BBQ and watching the Blackhawks beat the Flyers in Game 2! (Thanks to Slush for his impromptu sketch of me - see above)
Wish I could tell you what will happen next weekend. I'm sure it'll be just as "varied..." *off to bed*

*Edit - IML is International Mr. Leather not International Male Leather
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And now for a small recap of this past weekend:
  • Friday - I had a surprise visit by My boyfriend, [ profile] nitropup . Thanks to [ profile] jet_der_hund  for bringing him there from the airport. While playing a rec ice hockey game, I suddenly noticed him sitting in the stands. ^_^ Later, we celebrated a pre-birthday with Metro and crew at Sidetracks by consuming purple drink and later pizza at The Pie Hole)
  • Saturday - Uber-40+ furry smoker/bbq session to celebrate Metro's real birthday. There was tons of meat including a deep fried turkey. It was great to see everyone there including [ profile] nbowa  from Iowa.
  • Sunday - After dropping Nitropup at the airport, I had another hockey game with a quiet evening.
This weekend? IML!

As for the thought of the week?

I heard an interesting tidbit from "This American Life" last Saturday regarding Haiti said by a local eye doctor there:
"God gives you 205 years to do something with Haiti. And if you fail, he passes it to someone else."

  • The Spanish: 1492 (Columbus discovers Hispanola) to 1697 (West Hispanola given to France by Treaty of Ryswick) = 205 years
  • The French: 1698 (French establish Saint-Dominque) to 1803 (Haitians defeat French forces) = 205 years
  • The Haitians: 1804 (New independent Haiti) to 2009 (Political unrest) = 205 years
  • Unknown: 2010 (Haitian earthquake) to .... (what's next?)
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So Spring is in full gear and weekends will be starting to rev up with the upcoming cookouts, softball, fur cons, and IML, but this one was highlighted by me suiting around as Master Chief with people shouting out "Chief! Chief!" as they try to get photos taken with me.

As for this weekend?
Friday: Melting Pot - Went out for fondue at the Melting Pot for the first time in a long time. It was [ profile] calapurr  's birthday and we organized a dinner for him. we all had their "Big Night Out" deal and got to enjoy yummy cheeses, meats, veggies, and desserts. 

Saturday: Anime Central - This was my second time in a row to go to the local, BIG, anime con at Rosemont. This anime con is held at the same hotel that MFF will be for 2010. Before that, I went to their first one in 1998. :p Thanks goes to Littlewolf and Tozier for as handlers while I cruised around as Master Chief / Caboose (see photo. Who are the furries?). So many photos were taken (estimating 300). I did see a guy in a red Halo 3 suit. I missed the green Master Chief who seems to always appear AFTER I'm there. I headed back home for food (and Advil and a nap), and took the El back to the hotel and met up with quite a number of other furries. Eventually, there were 8 fursuiters with 7 handlers in the lobby. 

Sunday: Chicago stuff - Sunday was a quiet day after hanging out all day at Acen. After noticing me gaining weight again, I took another short bike ride to the Lincoln Park Zoo. This time, the puma was awake. I got a few good photos and will put them up soon. I got back and watched the Blackhawks game (they won!) before taking a short nap. 

So just another average weekend. Next weekend will be busy, I'm sure as I prep for IML.
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Finally a "quiet" weekend in Chicago. It was good to wake up and have no specific early morning events but as things normally go, I met up with a few friends each day. 

Friday: Bluebird
[ profile] perromutt  had some free time before heading off to O'hare. Since my condo is near the Blue subway line into O'hare, we were able to meet up and had some beers and foodies at The Bluebird, another small gastropub. The beer was good (tried 2 styles from Three Floyds Brewing Co.) but the food was only above average.I tried their pork belly which was creative but reminded me of a North Carolina style BBQ (vinegary). Afterwards, it was just a quiet night at home.

Saturday: Bucks
After a lazy morning (the overcast skies didn't help), I took care of a few errands in the afternoon. Before meeting up with furries in the north side of Chicago, I had another game in my ice hockey league (lost 4-3). Even though I exhausted, I met up with a furry crew including BasilFox from Michigan at Gino's North. This small restaurant is not related to the Gino's East deep dish restaurant chain. It's also been there for over 30 years. Got to love a place that only charges $84 for 12 beers, 2 appetizers, 1 large multitopping pizza, and one pepperoni deep dish pizza. The rest of the night was just some bar hopping. The most interesting was Buck's Saloon which is an establish neighborhood bar in Boyztown with moose, elk, and deer heads on the walls. We also spent some time at Sidetracks, and The Closet before calling it quits. 

Sunday: Cats
After another lazy morning, I decided to take another bike ride to the Lincoln Park Zoo. With the sun shining brightly and having cool temps, I biked to a local restaurant for a quick breakfast then biked 3 miles to the zoo. Since there is no admission cost, the place is usually packed. I went straight to the Lion House and caught a glimpse of the leopard, jaquar, white tiger, and lions. Outside of the Lion House, the puma was sprawled out and napping on an upper ledge (see photo). After seeing a few wolves, I cycled back home and soon realized that padded cycling shorts are a must especially in the city. *sore butt*

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Several locals and one Californian met up in Madison, Wisconsin for a the first annual Madison Gay Hockey Association Spring Tournament. [ profile] sasya_fox  and I played on Team Edam (all the teams were named after types of cheese) in their "competitive" division. Along with 3 other well matched teams, we fought it out for the rest of the weekend.

Friday: Out of Wisconin, Into Minnesota
After driving up to Madison (with a 1 hr delay from Chicago traffic) with Indypup, we met up with sasya_fox and [ profile] jet_der_hund at our small hotel on the outskirts of Madison. We quickly grabbed a bite at great small coffee/sandwich shop (Barriques Market) near our hotel. After recharging slightly with a cranberry scone, we all headed over to the Capitol Ice Arena to meet our new team and play the first game. The captain placed Sasya and I on the same offensive line. For the entire game, we were definitely trying to feel out each others strengths and weaknesses. Unfortunately, the other team had 4 players that regularly play on the same team (my gay team in Chicago!) and were able to quickly get into a scoring rhythm. We lost 5-3. Perromutt made it up to Madison on his motorcycle (surviving thunderstorms) and we all had a post game relaxation at the Granite City Brewery, a Minnesota-based brewpub. Decent food with great beer! Sleep came "early" that night. (Photo of me below, stolen from Jet_der_hund)

Saturday: Out of Wisconsin and Into Paris,  and Ireland

After sampling great home roasted and freshly ground coffee from Sasya, we munched a quick breakfast at the Hubbard Avenue Dinner (famous for pie). In the 2nd game, I shifted into the defense while the rest of the team began to gel. The scoring started to click (including 2 shorthanded goals during one penalty kill) and won 5-2. Calories were replenished at a small French patisserie, La Baguette, with an espresso and cherry-almond tart. Our 3rd game was to decide if we would play for the championship (seeds #1 and #2 playing). The opposing team had 2 fairly good players. But several bad plays (some bad luck) resulted in us losing 4-3 and just barely missing out on making it to the championship game. But it was still a fun game and my teammates played their hearts out. The local furs, Sasya, and I went into Madison, itself, to see a little of the University of Wisconsin. Dinner was found at the Great Dane Pub, a local microbrew pub near the Capitol building. I had to pay $3 for parking there! After having several pints (or a whole sampler) of yummy beers we decided to head back to the hotel. Perro ended up sleeping early. Sasya had some work to do. Jet, Indypup, and I went over to Claddagh Irish Pub. Not a "true" Irish pub, but they has New Glarus Brewery Spotted Cow beer. So a definite win win. 

Sunday: Out of Wisconsin and Into Illinois
After another quick breakfast at the Hubbard Avenue Diner and running out of time for the National Mustard Museum, my team got ready for the consolation game, 3rd and 4th seeds playing. Once again, we kept the same lines and ended up winning 5-2. After saying our goodbyes and having one last snack at Barriques, Indypup and I headed back to Chicago. We met up with Street and finished the night with a so-so dinner at Villagio Ristorante. The best thing there was the bread, unfortunately. Actually, the best thing there was probably the Ferrari 355 Spider that some 40-something year old woman drove up in with her husband(?)

So, it was another great weekend but this time mostly OUTSIDE of the Chicagoland area. It was great seeing some locals again as well as Sasya and Jet. I still have 2 bruised areas to remind me of this hockey weekend. Next weekend should be relatively quiet. Then its Anime Central!
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 I'm curious about lots of things by nature. And Wikipedia makes it much easier to satiate that curiosity with the click of a mouse. 

So, how does one go from reading about Ba Cut, a military leader for a Vietnamese religious sect in the 1940's-1950's, to Clamato, the tomato juice and clam broth mix?
  1. Wikipedia front page - which had a short article on...
  2. Ba Cut - who lived in region know as....
  3. French Indochina - which was later divided up, including...
  4. Vietnam - who has great food described in...
  5. Cuisine of Vietnam - which has similarities to...
  6. Cuisine of Thailand - which uses lots of...
  7. Fish sauce - which is related to...
  8. Garum - which is an ancient Roman fish sauce which may be related to...
  9. Worchestershire Sauce - which is used in a popular Canadian cocktail called...
  10. Blood Caesar - which also contains...
  11. Clamato
So there. 10 steps. Kind of like Connections.


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