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It's probably pretty obvious what I am thankful for during this holiday: family, friends, job, and (but not least), [ profile] nitropup  (Love you pup!). But, I'm also kinda of thankful that I've become part of this strange community called furries. Its taken the observations of furries and non-furries to put this fandom is its proper light.

There are many fandoms/ subcultures out there such as sci-fi, gaming, anime, goth, and cosplaying. They hold their own festivals and conventions. Some of the larger ones like Dragoncon and Wolrdcon also donate to charities and hold blood drives. I've been very impressed with the donations made by the big furcons to local charities.

But it's the family mentality of furs that seems to make it slightly different. The members will volunteer to help out in any way possible if needed and not expect anything in return, Just like any family, there will be fights, disagreements, those who don't get along, and those that act like an idiot. They will also try to educate others on various topics like costume construction to motorcycling and scuba diving. I don't think people go to scifi cons and plan on ice skating at a local rink.

We end up being fans of each other as AC '07 Guest of Honor, Mark Evanier, said. We gather at furcons to enjoy the various performances, dances, panels, and art shows. But it's spending times with good friends and just have a good time that highlights the weekends.

Another observer from the anime fandom described furries as "possibly the greatest, most endearing, diverse, welcoming and fun groups of people". Yes, some of us wear animal fur costumes and pretend to be animals. But it's for fun. It's to have a good time.

I'm thankful to be in such a family regardless of how frequently dysfunctional it is.


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