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Weekends used to be for times to catch up but the warm weather has converted them into days of frenzied activity. But fun, at least.

Excess Laughs:
Friday brought the arrive of [ profile] kodi_pup  into town. Before getting tired by Saturday's planned activities, a bunch of local furs and Kodi ended up at my place in the city. We went back to  The Bristol again for food this time. The highlights there seemed to be the beers, halibut, and cheeses. Afterwards, we hopped over to the Second City where improv comics try to make it big. I accidentally ordered tickets for the E.T.C. show instead of the "Taming of the Flu". I was initially upset, but the theater staff preferred the smaller, more intimate ETC show. In the end, we all had a great laugh as the comics made fun of all different people and topics especially the Tea Party and high school proms.

Excess Loads:
Most of Saturday was spent packing and moving [ profile] perro 's stuff to his new digs. The new house looked messier but homier. Should be a nice place to hang out at once things settle down.

Excess Libations:
On what should have been a quiet day (Easter), it was surprising busy. I met up with Kodi and Slush at my place and took the Blue Line into downtown Chicago. We made our way to the Apple store and demo'd the new Ipad. Our overall impression was that it has great technology but no niche to fill. That's especially true if you have an Ipod/ Iphone and a laptop. Its forte is display media: games, movies, and books. I went to the local Puma store and found a great jacket. (love the kitty ears!). The 3 of us met up with [ profile] calapurr and [ profile] justincheetah for a few drinks at the Signature Room at the top of the John Hancock building. It was a great deal. Why pay $20 to go to the Observatory at the top of the Hancock building when you can go up the Signature Room for free but just have to buy a drink ($15) and get just as good of a view. Dinner was at the Purple Pig whose slogan is "Cheese, Swine, and Wine". It is tapas-style but had very good cheeses and pork products (love the pork shoulder and fried pig ears). To close the night, we met up with Perro and Street for drinks at the new hotel for MFF 2010, the Hyatt Regency O'Hare as Kodi had not seen it from the inside yet.

So, a busy weekend but again another fun one. What about next weekend? Easy. It's FCN near Detroit, MI. I'm sure there will be more things to post about afterwards.


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