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Well,I must be doing something right when hotel security decides to shutdown the Invincible Party for too many people. I think regular hotel security used the pretext of a noise complaint to investigate. Regardless, the 100 or so people in various dress (from undies to a rubber submarine rescue suit) got kicked out of the suite. A good number of them did go to the lobby to host their on Lobbycon. I don't think hotel security like spending their time watching about 100 people in the lobby chatting and secretly drinking away until 5-6am. Thanks for all of those that went. I'll have to think of something new to keep the numbers in check next time.

Even with all the problems with the hotel, MFF 2009 was fun. It was great to see and hangout old friends again. "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind", the local Chicago comedy troupe, was very funny. Kudos for getting them to go to MFF. The MFF Hockey scrimmage seemed to go well. We had 12 skaters and 2 goalies for it. After an 1 1/2 hrs, everyone seemed tired but satisfied.

Other then another "wardrobe" malfunction with my Halo Kitty outfit, the rest of the time at MFF 2009 was relaxing. Of course, I had the most fun just being with my mate, [ profile] nitropup . ^_^


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