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Consuming extra calories began on Friday night after my hockey game. A few of my teammates and I spent a few hours downing pitchers of beer while chatting. 

To burn off some of those calories, I biked from home, down to the Museum Campus (where the Field Museum, Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Planetarium are located), and  then down Lakeshore Trail to Promontory Point which is near the Museum of Science and Industry. After a 10 minute rest there, i biked back up the Lakeshore Trail and stopped at the Lincoln Park Zoo again.

Of coutse, the puma was taking a nap. But this time, it was lying on the ground by the fence. 
To reward for all of this exercising, i consumed more calories with a nice dinner at The Bluebird with Kodi and a beer while watching "Swear Jar", a sketch comedy show at the Annoyance Theater,

Sunday was burning more calories with hockey and trying to fix things in the condo: a toilet, the bathroom lock, and replace the main HD on my desktop. Most of this was successful.

And now?
Just waiting for Wed which is when [ profile] nitropup  visits! :D

Date: 2010-08-04 03:29 pm (UTC)
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Do i need to bring more tools to fix things next time I am down?


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