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Socializing at this current pace is going to kill me. But [ profile] yelang was in town so the local furs had to show him a good time. But what happened this weekend and why the world wars?

Friday: World War III / Industry vs. Conservation
Yelang come into the city for a quick bite before heading up to see [ profile] metroactual  and his crew. We walked over to Handlebar, a local vegetarian/ seafood restaurnt. The blackened tofu/veggie fajitas were tasty esp with the deep fried pickles. The local felines ([ profile] calapurr and [ profile] justincheetah ) put together an impromptu movie night to further test their home beer dispensing system that night. With [ profile] linnaeus , [ profile] perro, [ profile] panth, [ profile] street22, and [ profile] dexcat , I partook in brews while watching the newly released "Avatar" on the projection TV. The movie depict a another possible future conflict (or World War) of Industry vs. Conservation. For me, the movie was visually stunning but obviously predictable. So apparently, I have to see FernGully to fully understand Avatar.

Saturday: World War I / League of [Furry] Nations
This day was all about different people coming together for particular events. This was the first day for LAFF (Lake Area Fur Friends) softball. About 30 furs showed up including new local fur, Nius, and out-of-towners [ profile] jet_der_hund and Yelang. Though it was a little drizzly and foggy initially, the rain held up for 2 games. I think this is the only recurring furry sports event (a real sport, not bowling!). It is good to see furs being athletic! This theme continue into the evening when 15 furs ended up at Sofo. The different personalities of the furs meshed well after everyone loosened up with a few drinks. When we first got there, the bar was empty. After about 1 hour, it was hopping. Guess we easily draw in a crowd. late night festivities moved to Touche. No comments about that.

Sunday: World War II / Germany and Japan (and the Pacific) - partially stolen from [ profile] evil_spork
Yelang headed off back home in the rain via O'Hare airport. I had two ice hockey games scheduled almost back to back. After loosing in the first game, I made my way to the second game. We lost that one too (badly, in fact). Afterwards, I met up with 13 furs having foodz at Edelweiss, a German restaurant with a quaint atmosphere and German speaking staff. Getting there late, I just had a 1/2 L of Dab beer for dinner. Dessert drinks were had at the Hala Kahiki Tiki Bar with its faux Pacific islander decor from the 1960's (see picture). If you go, be warned that there is a dress code: No hats or sleeveless t-shirts (but that's for men only). There is no dress code for women. After consuming my "taking way to long to order" Hawaiian Sunrise, I headed back to the Chinatown in the city for some cheap, fast late-night take out at Seven Treasures. Got to love that about Chicago.

As for whats coming up next weekend? Hockey tournament in Madison, Wisconsin.


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