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In preparation for the upcoming Furry Ski Weekend, I needed to get my legs and mind in shape for all the skiing out in Colorado. To that end, Perro, Wolphy, Slush, and I went up to the Wisconsin Dells / Portage area to try out two small ski areas, Cascade Mountain and Devil's Head Resort.

Cascade Mountain was pretty full on Saturday as there was a Giant Slalom competition going on for girls and boys, and many families decided to bring their kids up there that day. We were able to take full advantage by skiing from 10am until about 6pm. I was able to practice doing jumps in the terrain park and only fell 1/4 of the time. :P

Saturday night was highlighted by a trip to the Moosejaw Pizza and Dells Brewery Co. The only thing I'll say is that 10 glass samplers are dangerous, and I know what a real moose sounds like.

Sunday was a short trip to Devil's Head where there was hardly anyone there because of the upcoming Super Bowl game. But we got to ski a good number of runs. Perro and I got to practice more of our jumps in the terrain park.

All in all, a fun weekend but the legs are mighty sore. Wisconsin is a fun place to visit, but the locals are kind of weird. ;) (Sorry Jet)
I'm gonna take it easy (except for a bunch of a upcoming hockey games) until FSW.


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