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Christmas is always a quiet time for me as I'm usually stuck away from home because of work. Besides, New Years was always the big holiday for my family.

So, the cold appears to have totally zapped my HTC / AT&T Tilt cellphone. But,
[ profile] kodi_pup was nice enough to give me his "old" Blackberry 8800 which could take my SIM card. Transfering contacts was a b*tch but got it all worked out. To be honest, I like the Blackberry more than the Windows mobile.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was quiet. I basically worked on version 2 of my puma fursuit head (never recovered the old one) and was spent dinner with a few people (Seven, Spork, Kodi, and Majortom). Surprising, we had a hard time finding a Chinese restaurant that was open on Christmas Day.

As [ profile] perromutt and [ profile] darkwolph were out of town, I volunteered to watch their dog, Chaos. Now, I've never really taken care of a dog in the past. Chaos does know me so that wasn't a problem. At first, I thought this would be good practice for me has [ profile] nitropup would like to get a samoyed if we start living together. That dog is cute, but I'm not sure if I have the patience to raise one. Either way, I'll let Nitropup deal with it. *^^*

Yesterday, Spork, Dexcat, and Seven (with Snickers and Street) went to the Glenview Ice Rink for some fursuit skating. We were invited back by the staff after a successful MFF outing. The only problem this time was the massive number of kids. Also, they liked to push you, grab you, and pull things. A few annoying kids almost pulled the cover off my husky tail. While it was fun skating, brats are not. :P

With 2008 ending soon, I can't wait for 2009 to start. Hopefully, things will settle down a bit. There are number of big and fun trips planned in the first half of the year. Hopefully, I'll get to do more skiing too.

Happy New Year!


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