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First off, I really appreciate all of the support off- and online from many of you. It does mean a lot.

Unfortunately, my boss has made it worse since I told him I'm resigning. In the last 48 hours, he has been changing schedules and screwing this around.

We had a new work schedule that started July 1. However, most of my on-call duties would start in September (after I would have left). Since that is not considered "fair", I agreed to have some on-call duties moved into my last two months. Because of some of my colleagues were not being responsible, we had gaps in our coverage scheduled which pissed off my boss even more. So he started the new work schedule 2 weeks early. Of course, that requires me to cancel everything else scheduled in those 2 weeks which again pisses off more people.

But what is frustrating me and many others is his lack of listening. Since it difficult making changes so quickly, I suggested that we use as planned in July but I'd help cover in June in the mean time. He didn't care and basically told everyone to deal with it.

Then he made another last minute change but he contracted himself on the emails. Even after I brought it up, he still contracted himself. When I pointed out with email quotes, he didn't bother to respond anymore.

Finally, when I asked for help because of these new changes, he told me to be creative and essential deal with the added work load.

This is my first time dealing with "management" and now realize what other people have to deal with. You have my sympathizes. Its amazing how my friends at work all know that my boss is brilliant in his field of interest but an awful manager.


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