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First off, [profile] abehusky  was in town and staying at [personal profile] perro  's. On Saturday, they both came into the city, and we all got to hang out at the Lincoln Park Zoo. [profile] darkwolph  also came into town but went to the Cubs game. It's not bad for being a free city zoo. They even had pumas! We all did meet up afterwards for a nice dinner at Cafe Deluca. Definitely a ++.

As for the "word" part of this entry?
Well, this puma does play hockey, and I had a first round, playoff game tonight. Is there a word that means "Someone who does something contrary to what is logically correct so he can have fun"?

Why am I bringing this up?

My team captain is easily the slowest skater on our team and does not help much when he palys defense (can't chase after players). Because of the rotating nature of hockey, predefined groups of players who skate together is important. Having to constantly change the group of guys skating at one time makes it hard for anyone to get a rhythm going. As defensemen play in pairs, having 5 of them makes for uneven and changing pairings.

Because we were losing during this game, the captain jumbled things up, but he would play defense though he's the slower player on the team. Those of us on defense were hoping to only have 4 guys with this change, ie. the captain would sit and organize people coming on and off the ice during the play. But, he decided to play even though he knows it wasn't the smartest thing.

So there... Is there a word for that? I don't think selfish is quite right.

Oh well, this ice skating puma gets a month off and then its back on the ice. Hopefully, with a smarter captain.


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