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Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger is one of the best books anyone will read. I had to read this book in the summer before my Junior year in high school. After finishing the book, I threw it against the wall of my bedroom.

But it wasn't because I didn't like the book or saw "fuck for the first time in a book for an English class.

It was because the main character was a teenager named Holden Caulfield who made you think about what was real and phony during your teenage life. You start to reflect at all the dreams and facts that you accept without even blinking. You begin to realize how many lies were told to you.

Holden just wavers at adult-type decisions. He can't choose. He can't become an adult. That's what frustrated me.

I always thought it was easy to make "the right choice" but that was because it was always fed to me as a teenager. I thought that it should be easy for Holden to make these decisions. But I quickly realized through him that its not always easy to make such adult decisions. The world was more complicated than I realized. I had been fooled by others. That's what upset me.

It's not easy being a teenager. But some how most of us get through it. We learn to move on.

Oddly, such a comment seems appropriate for some furries out there. It's not easy growing up and leaving the comfort of the warm, safe, and fuzzy furry fandom. But you have to make those decisions. You have to grow up. Don't be a Holden Caulfield.


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