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As one of the many that was NOT at FWA this past weekend (because I had to work), there were still lots of things to do locally...

Food Day:
  • Was at Keefer's Restaurant for a work related dinner (go if you love steaks!)
  • Went to The Bristol again with [ profile] perro , [ profile] calapurr , [ profile] justincheetah , [ profile] dexcat , Street, and Slush. It has a decent selection of beers but closes at midnight.
  • Walked to Lemmings on Damen. It's a smaller neighborhood-type bar with an above-average beer selection. It was just fun to just chill and chat while enjoy a brew.
  • Walked to Arturo's Tacos which again served up tasty soft tacos and a seafood stew, but  mediocre Blue Point oysters. Watch out for the waitresses trying to give you their tip in cash instead of on the credit card! Got to get to bed by 3am.

Hockey and Beer Day:
  • 9am - got up for a short 2 hours at work.
  • 12pm - headed to Perro's to grab lunch at Frankie's Deli (nummy Italian subs!)
  • 4pm - At Hamburger Mary's for the pre-game eating and drinking fundraiser for the Blackwolves, my gay hockey team. 
  • 7pm - Met up with a school bus carrying our fans (who also donated money to the team) and beat our opponents 6-1. Got a nice bruise from a puck hitting my inner thigh.
  • 10pm - Waited for Perro, Woody, and Slush to finish buying and building furniture and shelves, and then all went to Crew Bar and Grill, a gay sports bar. Saw the rest of my team and also met up with Huxley, Dane, and Fen for beers and munches. Yum!
  • 1am - Said goodbye to the furry crew, and had one last beer with a few teammates at the Wild Pug, the bar next door. 
  • 3am - got to bed.
Recovery Day:
I had another hockey game with my other team. We won 4-3, but now I'm trying to rest from all the beers and late nights this weekend.

Thanks again to the Surburb Felines, Out of Towner Canines, City Canines, and an Out of Stater for hanging out this weekend. :)


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