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Socializing at this current pace is going to kill me. But [ profile] yelang was in town so the local furs had to show him a good time. But what happened this weekend and why the world wars?

Friday: World War III / Industry vs. Conservation
Yelang come into the city for a quick bite before heading up to see [ profile] metroactual  and his crew. We walked over to Handlebar, a local vegetarian/ seafood restaurnt. The blackened tofu/veggie fajitas were tasty esp with the deep fried pickles. The local felines ([ profile] calapurr and [ profile] justincheetah ) put together an impromptu movie night to further test their home beer dispensing system that night. With [ profile] linnaeus , [ profile] perro, [ profile] panth, [ profile] street22, and [ profile] dexcat , I partook in brews while watching the newly released "Avatar" on the projection TV. The movie depict a another possible future conflict (or World War) of Industry vs. Conservation. For me, the movie was visually stunning but obviously predictable. So apparently, I have to see FernGully to fully understand Avatar.

Saturday: World War I / League of [Furry] Nations
This day was all about different people coming together for particular events. This was the first day for LAFF (Lake Area Fur Friends) softball. About 30 furs showed up including new local fur, Nius, and out-of-towners [ profile] jet_der_hund and Yelang. Though it was a little drizzly and foggy initially, the rain held up for 2 games. I think this is the only recurring furry sports event (a real sport, not bowling!). It is good to see furs being athletic! This theme continue into the evening when 15 furs ended up at Sofo. The different personalities of the furs meshed well after everyone loosened up with a few drinks. When we first got there, the bar was empty. After about 1 hour, it was hopping. Guess we easily draw in a crowd. late night festivities moved to Touche. No comments about that.

Sunday: World War II / Germany and Japan (and the Pacific) - partially stolen from [ profile] evil_spork
Yelang headed off back home in the rain via O'Hare airport. I had two ice hockey games scheduled almost back to back. After loosing in the first game, I made my way to the second game. We lost that one too (badly, in fact). Afterwards, I met up with 13 furs having foodz at Edelweiss, a German restaurant with a quaint atmosphere and German speaking staff. Getting there late, I just had a 1/2 L of Dab beer for dinner. Dessert drinks were had at the Hala Kahiki Tiki Bar with its faux Pacific islander decor from the 1960's (see picture). If you go, be warned that there is a dress code: No hats or sleeveless t-shirts (but that's for men only). There is no dress code for women. After consuming my "taking way to long to order" Hawaiian Sunrise, I headed back to the Chinatown in the city for some cheap, fast late-night take out at Seven Treasures. Got to love that about Chicago.

As for whats coming up next weekend? Hockey tournament in Madison, Wisconsin.
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This week and weekend was all about cycles, or revisiting places, things, or people from the past.

Back to Toronto: First time in 7 years
After coming back from FCN about a week ago, I had to quickly go to Toronto for 3 days because of a work-related conference. So a little turboprop plane (see the pic; my cellphone camera can't pickup the spinning prop) on Porter Airlines took me to a "foreign" country, Canada.  They have different money and weird laws. This airline lands on the island airport right next to downtown Toronto. Besides meeting up with [ profile] theamazingkodi , I finally got to meet another online friend and hockey fan, Eric.  So a boring conference but nice company.

Back to Cycling: First time in 18 years
After seeing some sales at the local REI and knowing that my tax refund was coming, I decided to bite the bullet and finally get a new bike. I had my last bike stole in 1993 and haven't gotten one since then. So [ profile] hypersnazz  was kind enough to offer some advice on bikes and I ended up getting a Novara Big Buzz '09, a city bike. Novara is REI's brand but they back it up with tune-ups and a lifetime guarantee. It was also on the cheaper side and 20% off. I finally hopped on the bike this Sunday and looped through my local neighborhood. After covering 3.5 miles, I finally understand why cyclists hate cars. Things to get: tighter fitting pants, water bottle holder, bike comp, and tire-repair kit.

Back to Grilling: Since last summer
Not much here to say except IndyPup came up and (along with [ profile] perro  and [ profile] street22 ) grabbed a quick bite at Peggy Kinnane's Irish Restaurant and Pub and headed over to Furball's place. Some were grilling, while other furs were socializing around and melting beer bottles and VCR parts in a fire pit. Fun times all around. But the grilling continued into Sunday night with yelang in town. It did give me a chance to try out a Good Eats recipe for grilled skewered Brussel sprouts (brushed with a paste of olive oil, mustard, paprika, garlic, salt, and pepper). Apparently they turned out pretty good. ^_^

This week will be busy with work-related things. But this weekend will be the start of the first LAFF softball which should be interesting. Go Predators!

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While this past weekend's festivities centered on FCN outside of Detroit, some other "bookend" events topped off the entire weekend.

Left Bookend - Thursday:
A local furry friend, Indypup, was in town to road trip to FCN. As is typical for these posts, it starts with food. In this case, it's Duchamp. The long but narrow dining room is dim-lit with narrow Plexiglass chairs. While small, the menu was varied and had classic dishes with a twist. We topped off the night with a quick trip to Revolution Brewery. I've been trying to get in here for the last 4 weeks but its always been busy (ie. 3 hour wait). The beer was pretty good esp the pale ale. I was lucky to get  $16 growler for FCN.

The Books - Friday/ Saturday:
I got out of work by noon on Friday and got on the road. Eventually, we made it to FCN by 7pm. The theme for this year was the 80s as evideny by me tossing my original 1982 Rubik's cube. And yes, I can solve it. After checking in and saying hello to many friends, a handful of us went to the Deadwood Bar and Grill which specialized in game meats like venison and rabbit. I stuck with the safer pork ribs. After some drinks at a suite party and lobby bar, I called it a night to prep for my late morning panel on health issues like over using stimulants and dehydration. I think it went okay. There were about 15 people there with some audience participation. That night, the main event was a party with lots of Chicago area brews including my growler of pale ale. [ profile] dexcat and [ profile] calapurr setup their wireless SLR slide show system on the suite's flat screen TV.  So pictures taken with their camera get automatically uploaded wirelessly to a local netbook that flips through the pictures on the TV screen. So overall, a nice little weekend con. It was great to see my furriends from Colorado, the DC area, Canada, and beyond.

Right Bookend - Sunday: 
After getting up late, I packed up, grabbed lunch with a few more friends, and then headed back to Chicago. After an uneventful drive back, a quick nap helped recharge me. Indypup and I headed out to Sushi Para Too which is an "all-you-can-order" restaurant for $19. The quality wasn't bad. Salmon was probably the best thing that day. After getting our fill of raw fish, a night ended with quick trip out to [ profile] perro-land to hangout and recap on the weekends events.

So another "typical" weekend in Chicago (or nearby areas). Now getting ready for a trip to Toronto via Porter Airlines!
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Weekends used to be for times to catch up but the warm weather has converted them into days of frenzied activity. But fun, at least.

Excess Laughs:
Friday brought the arrive of [ profile] kodi_pup  into town. Before getting tired by Saturday's planned activities, a bunch of local furs and Kodi ended up at my place in the city. We went back to  The Bristol again for food this time. The highlights there seemed to be the beers, halibut, and cheeses. Afterwards, we hopped over to the Second City where improv comics try to make it big. I accidentally ordered tickets for the E.T.C. show instead of the "Taming of the Flu". I was initially upset, but the theater staff preferred the smaller, more intimate ETC show. In the end, we all had a great laugh as the comics made fun of all different people and topics especially the Tea Party and high school proms.

Excess Loads:
Most of Saturday was spent packing and moving [ profile] perro 's stuff to his new digs. The new house looked messier but homier. Should be a nice place to hang out at once things settle down.

Excess Libations:
On what should have been a quiet day (Easter), it was surprising busy. I met up with Kodi and Slush at my place and took the Blue Line into downtown Chicago. We made our way to the Apple store and demo'd the new Ipad. Our overall impression was that it has great technology but no niche to fill. That's especially true if you have an Ipod/ Iphone and a laptop. Its forte is display media: games, movies, and books. I went to the local Puma store and found a great jacket. (love the kitty ears!). The 3 of us met up with [ profile] calapurr and [ profile] justincheetah for a few drinks at the Signature Room at the top of the John Hancock building. It was a great deal. Why pay $20 to go to the Observatory at the top of the Hancock building when you can go up the Signature Room for free but just have to buy a drink ($15) and get just as good of a view. Dinner was at the Purple Pig whose slogan is "Cheese, Swine, and Wine". It is tapas-style but had very good cheeses and pork products (love the pork shoulder and fried pig ears). To close the night, we met up with Perro and Street for drinks at the new hotel for MFF 2010, the Hyatt Regency O'Hare as Kodi had not seen it from the inside yet.

So, a busy weekend but again another fun one. What about next weekend? Easy. It's FCN near Detroit, MI. I'm sure there will be more things to post about afterwards.
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So, there was one oddball thing from this past weekend: Traffic!

The reason? Filming a TV pilot called "The Line", starring Michael Rapaport. Apparently they were shooting a cop/SWAT team standoff at a bank. 

The crew was nice enough to block the 3 main roads in my neighborhood that make this intersection. Cars got all backed up as they had to detour through small neighborhood streets made narrower by trailers for the filming. 

Hopefully, it would be too bad when the resume filming again. This will probably be soon as lots of the gear is still parked on the sides of the streets.
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As one of the many that was NOT at FWA this past weekend (because I had to work), there were still lots of things to do locally...

Food Day:
  • Was at Keefer's Restaurant for a work related dinner (go if you love steaks!)
  • Went to The Bristol again with [ profile] perro , [ profile] calapurr , [ profile] justincheetah , [ profile] dexcat , Street, and Slush. It has a decent selection of beers but closes at midnight.
  • Walked to Lemmings on Damen. It's a smaller neighborhood-type bar with an above-average beer selection. It was just fun to just chill and chat while enjoy a brew.
  • Walked to Arturo's Tacos which again served up tasty soft tacos and a seafood stew, but  mediocre Blue Point oysters. Watch out for the waitresses trying to give you their tip in cash instead of on the credit card! Got to get to bed by 3am.

Hockey and Beer Day:
  • 9am - got up for a short 2 hours at work.
  • 12pm - headed to Perro's to grab lunch at Frankie's Deli (nummy Italian subs!)
  • 4pm - At Hamburger Mary's for the pre-game eating and drinking fundraiser for the Blackwolves, my gay hockey team. 
  • 7pm - Met up with a school bus carrying our fans (who also donated money to the team) and beat our opponents 6-1. Got a nice bruise from a puck hitting my inner thigh.
  • 10pm - Waited for Perro, Woody, and Slush to finish buying and building furniture and shelves, and then all went to Crew Bar and Grill, a gay sports bar. Saw the rest of my team and also met up with Huxley, Dane, and Fen for beers and munches. Yum!
  • 1am - Said goodbye to the furry crew, and had one last beer with a few teammates at the Wild Pug, the bar next door. 
  • 3am - got to bed.
Recovery Day:
I had another hockey game with my other team. We won 4-3, but now I'm trying to rest from all the beers and late nights this weekend.

Thanks again to the Surburb Felines, Out of Towner Canines, City Canines, and an Out of Stater for hanging out this weekend. :)
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One of my hockey teams I play on, the Blackwolves of the Chicago Gay Hockey Association, is holding a fundraiser on Saturday, March 27.
Hopefully some of you can come out! It's sponsored by Mary's Rec Room & The Wild Pug.

4:30pm at Mary's Rec Room
Meet the CGHA team and other fans for dinner and drinks!

From there, everyone will board a big yellow school bus to watch the Blackwolves in action against the Black Magic in Northbrook! Best part...Alcohol is permitted on the bus! BYOB

7:00pm-8:30pm: Game is at North Shore Ice Arena.

9pm at Wild Pug
After the game, the fan bus will be dropping everyone off at Wild Pug for a CGHA victory :) celebration!

Secure Seat on the fan bus through $10 Donation to CGHA. SEATS ARE LIMITED and deadline is Friday, March 26 at 5pm.
Make donation through paypal: 
Payment recipient:

Let me know as well so you're on the RSVP list. The actual invite is on facebook.

A big thanks to Mary's Rec Room & Wild Pug for sponsoring this event. This is a great chance for only a few bucks to cheer on your friends. Plus, for those of you living in Chicago, it can't get much easier than a bus provided to get you to the burbs.

Can't make it to the game? Feel free to join us at both Mary's Rec Room and Wild Pug at the times listed above.

Mary's Rec Room of Hamburger Mary's
Located at 5400 North Clark Street

Wild Pug
Located at 4810 North Broadway Street
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My brother and his wife had their first child last night. His name is Aaron and weighs 7 lbs 5 oz. 

Not sure if he looks more Korean (like his dad) or Jewish (like his mom). But his full name is 2 parts Jewish with an added full Korean name.

In my father's family, my dad is the only male that also had male children, my brother and me. As Aaron is the first and only male grandchild for my father's family, he is now entrusted to carry the family's last name. No pressure on me anymore. ;)

Can't wait to see him for the first time in a week.
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So the Ohio Mayhem, the Columbus gay hockey team, was kind enough to invite my local gay hockey team for a scrimmage at Nationwide Arena. This is where the local NHL team, the Columbus Blue Jackets, also play. They wanted to have a fundraiser to support Stonewall Columbus, the GLBT support group there, and ended up contacting the Mayhem and us so we could play a game after the Blue Jackets game on Saturday. 

So we used the opportunity as to road trip down to Columbus for a team bonding weekend. Below is a shot of the Blue Jackets and St. Louis Blues (left) and a shot of the locker room we got to use which is much nicer than the ones at the local city rinks.
It wasn't much of a game. We beat the Mayhem 8-0. But we did have a great time hanging out with them at some cool bars and clubs. Nothing like alcohol to help team bonding. The only negative was crammed 7 people in a 2 bedroom suite to save a few bucks. It reminded me of a furry con. :P

But all in all, a fun time.
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(Cross posted to [ profile] hockeyfurs )

I guess what they say about resting between playing hockey games is important.
In a year when playing 1 to 2 games a week is average, I'm on track to play in 7 games in 10 days. 
My legs are tired. My body is sore. My skating stinks now. My puck handling is awful. 

At least I'll get a break tomorrow night (work meeting) before two more days of games. :P
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Because most of my local social gatherings revolve around food, I've decided to blog more of my recent experiences so other people may want to try them out.

First off, thanks to [ profile] calapurr  and [ profile] justincheetah  for organizing a gathering where we got to a bunch of different wines and cheeses. Even Rruff and IndyPup traveled up to join some of the local furs. If anyone is curious about the wine I brought, it was a 2005 Franciscan Magnificat (and no, I didn't get it because of the "cat" in the name). 

But back to the restaurants.... 2 new ones, an old favorite, and one re-introduced place. I was hoping to introduce the out-of-towners to some local favorites.

The Bristol - A small one room restaurant that serves Mediterranean-influenced food. It has a fairly decent beer list (1/2 the size of the Publican). We got to try duck fat fries with homemade ketchup and artichoke stew with pickled tongue. It does not take reservations though. So its a nice place to try for some nouveau cuisine with a side of beer. They have two bars for those that want a quick drink only.

Jane's Restaurant - Another small neighborhood place that I just recently tried for brunch. It has a homemade-type atmosphere (the freshly baked scones were great!) compliments the generous portion. The menu is on the small side but the entrees are interesting variations of classics. 

The Publican - This is an old favorite. It's always good even when 3 of us went there at 10:45pm! It was still packed them. The highlights were a distilled German beer (tasted like vodka, served in a shot glass, and was 80 proof), a very tender pork tenderloin, and Belgium-style pommes frites with a fried egg.

Margie's Candies - An old time classic that I introduced to Rrruff and IndyPup. They wanted some dessert on late Sunday night and Margie's was still open (until midnight). So we quickly walked to it and ordered big 2-3 scoop sundaes with thick fudge sauce and a banana split. The dishes were about 5-6 bux each. How can you not love a place that has been around for 80 years and had The Beatles as customers?

Up next? Still trying to get into The Revolution which is a new brewery run by one of the guys from Three Floyds Brewery. But  4 hour wait when calling at 10pm is still too much.

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First off, thanks to the Colorado Crew (TekFox, Direwolf, Nitewolf, and Lonewolf) for setting up this great skiing vacation.
Also thanks to [ profile] darkwolph  for driving [ profile] nitropup  and myself to the ski slopes. 

I'll just say that the slopes at Copper Mountain kicked my ass. Being just an average skier, the slopes in a 3 hr radius of Chicago offered little challenge except for poorly made mogul runs. 

Luckily, Mother Nature blessed the previously snow-deficient Rocky Mountains will about 6-12" of new snow per night over this past weekend. This new powder definitely made you work on your technique and control. 

I got over some of my fear of moguls with tips from kodi_pup and darkwolph. Most of the time was also spent skiing with my pup, Nitropup who easily beat me down many of the ski-runs. His control has definitely improved in the last year. 

I stole the image on the right (me and Akita) from SharpShooter Imaging who was on the slopes taking pics of many skiers. They also happened to grab about 40 shots of crazy furries in suit skiing down the slope. While the suits do keep you warm, the visibility stinks. It was like skiing with your eyes closed and following the noise of the skiers in front of you. 

So all in all, a great time with many other furs. You know who you are. I can't wait for the next time so I can tackle even tougher moguls and slopes. As Kodi shouted just before skiing down a challenging slope: "Get busy living, or get busy dying." :)
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First, it was great to enjoy a relaxing weekend with several friends. [ profile] aldebron  , [ profile] jet_der_hund , and  PurduePup came out to Chicago for various reasons. Be were able to hang out with good food and drinks. 

Second, Street got a new house. It's in a nice neighborhood which is odd for someone like him. He still smells.

Third, I have to stop being so cheap. I've been trying to use my old NiMH/NiCad charger from 10 years ago to recharge my batteries which would take 12 hours to charge (if at all). I got told of and bought  a "new" chargers that do it in 15 minutes. Can't believe I've been trying to use that old piece of junk to charge batteries.
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In preparation for the upcoming Furry Ski Weekend, I needed to get my legs and mind in shape for all the skiing out in Colorado. To that end, Perro, Wolphy, Slush, and I went up to the Wisconsin Dells / Portage area to try out two small ski areas, Cascade Mountain and Devil's Head Resort.

Cascade Mountain was pretty full on Saturday as there was a Giant Slalom competition going on for girls and boys, and many families decided to bring their kids up there that day. We were able to take full advantage by skiing from 10am until about 6pm. I was able to practice doing jumps in the terrain park and only fell 1/4 of the time. :P

Saturday night was highlighted by a trip to the Moosejaw Pizza and Dells Brewery Co. The only thing I'll say is that 10 glass samplers are dangerous, and I know what a real moose sounds like.

Sunday was a short trip to Devil's Head where there was hardly anyone there because of the upcoming Super Bowl game. But we got to ski a good number of runs. Perro and I got to practice more of our jumps in the terrain park.

All in all, a fun weekend but the legs are mighty sore. Wisconsin is a fun place to visit, but the locals are kind of weird. ;) (Sorry Jet)
I'm gonna take it easy (except for a bunch of a upcoming hockey games) until FSW.
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Just 3 days after returning from San Jose for FC 2010, I had to whisk off to Miami for an research update meeting for work.

While more traveling wasn't appreciated, I did get to go to semi-sunny South Beach and 80 degree weather (instead of teens and 20s in Chicago).

So I got to stay at the Loews Hotel which is pretty nice. During a break in the meeting, I ran to the outside balcony and took the photo at the right of the pool area. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to use it.

I do appreciate Rrruff coming down to visit and hanging out with him in South Beach. After grabbing a drink by the pool, we walking around the neighborhood to see the nightlife. So many BMWs, Mercs, pimped up Escalades, Bentleys, Lambos, and Ferraris. South Beach is so fake. Everyone just tries to impress each other. Such a waste.

We did find a nice little Italian restaurant (TiramasU) in the Lincoln street mall and ate way to much. After taking an after dinner nap, we walked around a little more and said our good byes. Thanks for visiting, Rrruff!

I got back late this afternoon and could wait to get back. Chicago may be cold, but it's home and real!
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Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger is one of the best books anyone will read. I had to read this book in the summer before my Junior year in high school. After finishing the book, I threw it against the wall of my bedroom.

But it wasn't because I didn't like the book or saw "fuck for the first time in a book for an English class.

It was because the main character was a teenager named Holden Caulfield who made you think about what was real and phony during your teenage life. You start to reflect at all the dreams and facts that you accept without even blinking. You begin to realize how many lies were told to you.

Holden just wavers at adult-type decisions. He can't choose. He can't become an adult. That's what frustrated me.

I always thought it was easy to make "the right choice" but that was because it was always fed to me as a teenager. I thought that it should be easy for Holden to make these decisions. But I quickly realized through him that its not always easy to make such adult decisions. The world was more complicated than I realized. I had been fooled by others. That's what upset me.

It's not easy being a teenager. But some how most of us get through it. We learn to move on.

Oddly, such a comment seems appropriate for some furries out there. It's not easy growing up and leaving the comfort of the warm, safe, and fuzzy furry fandom. But you have to make those decisions. You have to grow up. Don't be a Holden Caulfield.
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As always, it was fun seeing lots of great friends again. But I did get to spend more time with furs I recently met elsewhere. I didn't get to suit as much as I wanted but hanging out with friends seemed to over-shadow it.

Thanks go to:
  • Dizzy for his late night suite party
  • Jesper for his impromptu Deaddog-ish room party
  • My roommates (Nitropup, Dexcat, and Furbo) at the con for not snoring too much
  • Those wacky Canadians who always remind me how great the US is compared to Canada
  • The Fort Collins crowd who always try to keep me up to date in fashion and trendy things that I can't afford
  • IcyWolfy for that great pic of Omi, myself, and the goalie from the Buffalo Sabres
As for the con logistics, I was surprised by the small sizes of the main and secondary stages.The big central lobby was a nice gathering place but much of the con traffic still bypassed that area (as the main rooms were off the second floor). Finally, the programming was a bit lacking. Essentially, there were 2 hours blocks for the panels which cut down the # of panels available. Also some main events didn't start on time but I guess that is not too surprising for big cons. It was nice to have many stores and restaurants nearby the hotel.

The most mind-bending scene at FC for me was on Saturday night (i think) when there was a small swing jazz band playing in the bar area. On the small dance floor there, an older couple and younger kids were all dancing together  with a few fursuiters and furries. Watching them throughout the bar were the hotel staff, other furs around and in the bar enjoying drinks, a number of couples and families. It was a snapshot of how everyone can coexist and just have fun.

Hopefully, some of these things will improve next year. Especially the weather! :)
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So things are going well at FC 2010. Its been kind of low-key throughout the con so far which is good. I give kudos to the Buffalo Sabres and their fan base for not going overboard and blasting the furries for being at the same hotel.
Yes, they did lose 4-2 against the San Jose sharks. Hopefully, it wasn't because of us. ;)

Goalie, Ryan Miller
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First off, I hope everyone's New Year is starting out well. it's been "average" two weeks on this end.

I spent my New Year's Weekend at [ profile] rocketpup  and [ profile] reddywhp 's place as they hosted a small gear-friendly gathering. My mate, [ profile] nitropup, was there as well as a few others including [ profile] jet_der_hund .I had a great time with everyone.

My brithday came only a few days later and was celebrated by a small local group including Xanie.  Thanks for the dinner and well wishes, but I can already feel my age. :P For anyone wondering how old I am, I'll just say that it's in the mid 30's range.

On a happier note, I got to go skiing with a few local furs ([ profile] darkwolph , [ profile] perro , and [ profile] snickershusky ) for the first time this season. I picked up some new (to me) skis, poles, and boots at the local Ski Expo a few months back. We all went up to Alpine Valley. It's probably the best place that within a 3 hour drive from Chicago. Even with the average crowds, we all got to do a decent number of runs down the mountain. The new skis are very close to a pair I rented last year. So, it didn't take long before I could zoom down the snow confidentally. Hopefully, I can get up to Devil's Head near Madison, WI soon for more skiing.

Finally, its been 5 years since [ profile] nitropup  and I officially began to date. Geez, time flies. We are still doing the long-distance relationship but I hope we can be together permanently sometime this year. Love you pup!

Now to get ready for the 6 day trip out to California for FC. Have to get the fursuit ready...
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So, I'm probably in the minority about this movie.

It was NOT was the most amazing moving that I've ever seen.
It did NOT change my life. I am NOT thinking about it all the time.

However, it was probably the most visually stunning/ impressive movie I've seen. And seeing it in 3D made it ever better. The computer generated worlds, characters, and motion is getting very realistic. Quite scary, in fact. I wonder how long before you don't have people physically acting any more.

I did miss about the first 10 min of the movie because of seating problems at the IMAX theater. Our group had seats for the second row but then saw it in the back row which wasn't too bad either. Maybe missing that beginning stuff jaded my movie experience.

It was a very predictable story. It was typical James Cameron. It was a good match to show off the movie magic, but it didn't move me as much as I've seen with other posts.

So in the end, a great movie to see, but not emotionally earth shattering. But to each his own.


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