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So Spring is in full gear and weekends will be starting to rev up with the upcoming cookouts, softball, fur cons, and IML, but this one was highlighted by me suiting around as Master Chief with people shouting out "Chief! Chief!" as they try to get photos taken with me.

As for this weekend?
Friday: Melting Pot - Went out for fondue at the Melting Pot for the first time in a long time. It was [ profile] calapurr  's birthday and we organized a dinner for him. we all had their "Big Night Out" deal and got to enjoy yummy cheeses, meats, veggies, and desserts. 

Saturday: Anime Central - This was my second time in a row to go to the local, BIG, anime con at Rosemont. This anime con is held at the same hotel that MFF will be for 2010. Before that, I went to their first one in 1998. :p Thanks goes to Littlewolf and Tozier for as handlers while I cruised around as Master Chief / Caboose (see photo. Who are the furries?). So many photos were taken (estimating 300). I did see a guy in a red Halo 3 suit. I missed the green Master Chief who seems to always appear AFTER I'm there. I headed back home for food (and Advil and a nap), and took the El back to the hotel and met up with quite a number of other furries. Eventually, there were 8 fursuiters with 7 handlers in the lobby. 

Sunday: Chicago stuff - Sunday was a quiet day after hanging out all day at Acen. After noticing me gaining weight again, I took another short bike ride to the Lincoln Park Zoo. This time, the puma was awake. I got a few good photos and will put them up soon. I got back and watched the Blackhawks game (they won!) before taking a short nap. 

So just another average weekend. Next weekend will be busy, I'm sure as I prep for IML.
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