Apr. 12th, 2010

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While this past weekend's festivities centered on FCN outside of Detroit, some other "bookend" events topped off the entire weekend.

Left Bookend - Thursday:
A local furry friend, Indypup, was in town to road trip to FCN. As is typical for these posts, it starts with food. In this case, it's Duchamp. The long but narrow dining room is dim-lit with narrow Plexiglass chairs. While small, the menu was varied and had classic dishes with a twist. We topped off the night with a quick trip to Revolution Brewery. I've been trying to get in here for the last 4 weeks but its always been busy (ie. 3 hour wait). The beer was pretty good esp the pale ale. I was lucky to get  $16 growler for FCN.

The Books - Friday/ Saturday:
I got out of work by noon on Friday and got on the road. Eventually, we made it to FCN by 7pm. The theme for this year was the 80s as evideny by me tossing my original 1982 Rubik's cube. And yes, I can solve it. After checking in and saying hello to many friends, a handful of us went to the Deadwood Bar and Grill which specialized in game meats like venison and rabbit. I stuck with the safer pork ribs. After some drinks at a suite party and lobby bar, I called it a night to prep for my late morning panel on health issues like over using stimulants and dehydration. I think it went okay. There were about 15 people there with some audience participation. That night, the main event was a party with lots of Chicago area brews including my growler of pale ale. [livejournal.com profile] dexcat and [livejournal.com profile] calapurr setup their wireless SLR slide show system on the suite's flat screen TV.  So pictures taken with their camera get automatically uploaded wirelessly to a local netbook that flips through the pictures on the TV screen. So overall, a nice little weekend con. It was great to see my furriends from Colorado, the DC area, Canada, and beyond.

Right Bookend - Sunday: 
After getting up late, I packed up, grabbed lunch with a few more friends, and then headed back to Chicago. After an uneventful drive back, a quick nap helped recharge me. Indypup and I headed out to Sushi Para Too which is an "all-you-can-order" restaurant for $19. The quality wasn't bad. Salmon was probably the best thing that day. After getting our fill of raw fish, a night ended with quick trip out to [livejournal.com profile] perro-land to hangout and recap on the weekends events.

So another "typical" weekend in Chicago (or nearby areas). Now getting ready for a trip to Toronto via Porter Airlines!


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