Jan. 27th, 2010

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As always, it was fun seeing lots of great friends again. But I did get to spend more time with furs I recently met elsewhere. I didn't get to suit as much as I wanted but hanging out with friends seemed to over-shadow it.

Thanks go to:
  • Dizzy for his late night suite party
  • Jesper for his impromptu Deaddog-ish room party
  • My roommates (Nitropup, Dexcat, and Furbo) at the con for not snoring too much
  • Those wacky Canadians who always remind me how great the US is compared to Canada
  • The Fort Collins crowd who always try to keep me up to date in fashion and trendy things that I can't afford
  • IcyWolfy for that great pic of Omi, myself, and the goalie from the Buffalo Sabres
As for the con logistics, I was surprised by the small sizes of the main and secondary stages.The big central lobby was a nice gathering place but much of the con traffic still bypassed that area (as the main rooms were off the second floor). Finally, the programming was a bit lacking. Essentially, there were 2 hours blocks for the panels which cut down the # of panels available. Also some main events didn't start on time but I guess that is not too surprising for big cons. It was nice to have many stores and restaurants nearby the hotel.

The most mind-bending scene at FC for me was on Saturday night (i think) when there was a small swing jazz band playing in the bar area. On the small dance floor there, an older couple and younger kids were all dancing together  with a few fursuiters and furries. Watching them throughout the bar were the hotel staff, other furs around and in the bar enjoying drinks, a number of couples and families. It was a snapshot of how everyone can coexist and just have fun.

Hopefully, some of these things will improve next year. Especially the weather! :)


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